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Honorable Mentions for Business and Mirage

“Mirage” and “Business” received Honorable Mentions from Experimental Forum, Los Angeles, and from LA Underground Film Forum, Los Angeles.

Mirage Honorable Mentions

Business Honorable Mentions

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FilmArte Festival Spring 2024 edition in Berlin

FilmArte Festival, Berlin, have announced their Spring 2024 edition, and I am happy my new work “Chaos” is included. A film with video content from project MANIFESTO was semi-finalist.

I have just been notified that the screening is tonight (Thursday April 4) at Wein Salon, entrance is free.

Facebook event:

FilmArte Festival Berlin program Wein Salon

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“…the Valley of Astonishment and Bewilderment, where one is a prey to sadness and dejection. There sighs are like swords, and each breath a bitter sigh; there, is sorrow and lamentation, and a burning eagerness. It is at once day and night. There, is fire, yet a man is depressed and despondent. How, in his bewilderment, shall he continue his way? But he who has achieved unity forgets all and forgets himself. If he is asked: ‘Are you, or are you not? Have you or have you not the feeling of existence? Are you in the middle or on the border? Are you mortal or immortal?’ he will reply with certainty: ‘I know nothing, I understand nothing, I am unaware of myself. I am in love, but with whom I do not know. My heart is at the same time both full and empty of love.’ “

– Farid ud-Din Attar, (English translation by C. S. Nott)

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Video from VASTLAB VLX 5 Program #3 at Chicago Filmmakers

Highlights from VASTLAB VLX5 at Chicago Filmmakers February 9 2024, including screening of “Echoes”

LIVEscore with H Anton Riehl
Live Q&A with Amanda VanValkenburg

VLX5 Program #3 – short films by Adam E. Stone, Aitor Irulegi, Alia Alkaff, Amanda VanValkenburg, Ben Spatz, Brian Alexander, Camila Dron, Caroline Rumley, Charles-André Coderre, Charlie Marois, Hodan Youssouf, Ihab Mardini, Josh Weissbach, Lisa Birke, Martin Gerigk, Sarah Lasley, Sharon Liang, Sharon Mooney, Stephanie Barber, Susanne Layla Petersen, Teri Carson, Tommy Becker, Tracy Miller-Robbins, Vasco Diogo, Vincent DeZutti

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